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2022 Municipal Election Information

To all Lake Associations in North Frontenac Township,


The October 24 Municipal Election is fast approaching. This memo is to assist you in taking important steps to ensure that you can vote.  


An information sheet from the Township is attached to guide your actions.


Four years ago, we did not have an election in North Frontenac as the Mayor and the Councillors for the three wards were acclaimed.  This October, we are fortunate to have a choice of candidates for all positions.  Please note that if you own property in the Township you can vote, regardless of the number of properties you may own elsewhere.


Voting has been made easy.  You can vote electronically or by phone from wherever you are during the voting period.  While the official date is October 24, you can vote on any day from October 15 to the 24.


Instructions on how to register to vote are found in the attachment.  However, even if you have registered, it is advisable to complete the attached form to be certain that the township will mail you the information package.


We strongly encourage you to vote.  It is basic to the lake associations being able to act on your behalf.  A good voter turnout shows that there is active lake interest in Township affairs, how it operates and governs, and decisions needed in the coming term.


Thanks for giving this the attention it deserves.



Bruce Moore



Below, click on the candidate for Mayor or Ward 1 - you will see questions and the answers from each candidate.

For information to confirm you're on the Voter's List, click HERE.

Candidates for Mayor:

Ron Higgins - Incumbent

Gerry Lichty - Part 1

Gerry Lichty - Part 2

Candidates for Ward 1 Councillor:

Mike Hage

Stephanie Regent

(no submission from Wayne Good)

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